Another Crazy Adventure for this Girl… #59

If life tossed you a crazy opportunity? Do you grab it or run away?

I watch too many people have opportunities put right in their face and then just step around it and don’t take the opportunities that life gives them. Why is that? I think it mostly has to do with the fear or concerns that it might not work out. I feel these people are missing out on the best part about life. The energy, excitement, challenge and differences that make us grow and evolve come from these opporutnites. It is okay and normal to feel scared or unsure.  Moving forward with that feeling even if you are scared gives you the power, not letting the fear have the power and control over you.

Don’t forget that we should be living for these moments in time.

As my story continues…  Shortly after the tragic death of my husband Dan, I planned a few trips to go to visit some friends in AZ and Mexico. I felt that going on a trip or two and visiting my friends in warm place would help with my healing. Both trips were very rewarding and helpful with doing and thinking about happy stuff. Being with the friends that love me so very much helped! Thank you to Jane and Tony in PV Mexico & Aletha and Terry and Kathy V. in Arizona for taking such good care of me during my visits.

I also did a long weekend trip to Reno to visit the Enloe family, celebrating an upcoming birth of a new baby in our family. The baby shower for my niece Samantha was magical with so much love, it was so heartwarming.  I also had some quality time with the family. The whole Enloe family is feeling blessed to be welcoming a new member into our family soon.

I am so very grateful for all my many friends, near and far that have reached out and helped me during this horrible and tragic event. I would really be struggling much more without the constant love and support from so many of my friends. And of course, the support of my wonderful family, you all mean so much to me, your love and support is a true gift!

When life throws you a punch, it is all about how you handle it

Now the New Adventure News….. ⇓

I’ve accepted an offer to join some friends to help Captain their sailboat “Tango” from Panama to the French Polynesian Islands. During these first few month of 2023 as I was working on healing, I never expected John and Janet Harrington to ask me to join them for my first adventure without Dan.

Have you been to the French Polynesian Islands?

I of course needed to process the request and see if the timing worked with all the trips I was already planning. My first instinct was to say yes. It felt exciting and challenging to think about this kind of trip. I thought that the time away would do me good. It would be a lot of alone and quiet time for my mind and body to heal. I would get a chance to write more and meditate. Maybe feel Dan’s presences with me out in the big vast ocean. It took a while for me to figure out that this might be a good adventure for me. Yes, I’m one crazy adventure lady. But this feels right and Dan would be so excited and proud of me.

John and Janet are not new to this type of adventure and have done this trip before in 2019 from Mexico to the South Pacific Islands. They were in New Zealand when Covid hit and remained there for 2+ years before having their boat shipped back to the US, Florida. Now they are ready to do this again, with me this time. They are hoping to be through the Panama Canal and on the Pacific side just  before I arrive on the 4/15. Within a few days we will be heading off on this grand adventure.

Panama top right red circle-Dot in center is French Polynesia

So here I am 6 days out from this crazy adventure (another one for the books). I will be on the open ocean for 30-40 days with very limited communications means. I personally will not have my phone service or access to my email during the transit time. We will have ability to connect to people via satellite on the boat, but this is for safety and important stuff.

You can follow our transit adventures on Tango Sailing Yacht HERE

I don’t know yet when I will be heading back to Portland. I want to spend enough time on these beautiful South Pacific Islands that I worked so hard and so many days getting to.  Why would I run home? I’m going to decide to head home when I feel its time. But targeting late June or July as a return time.

When I return, I will then start my search for a home. Stay tuned for that adjustment in my life. Really looking forward to finding a place to setting in. Doing projects and unloading the small amount of stuff we kept in storage.

Of course, Angelique is still up for sale. We have had some folks look at her, but not the right person to own her yet!

I find myself analyzing…..What is life all about?

During this adjustment in my life, dealing with being alone. I feel most alive when I’m challenging myself, taking risks and seeing the payoffs and the rewards. This is what being alive is all about for me.

Please try to find what you are passionate about and do it. Go live your life to its fullest. Take a few chances with things that might scare or intimidate you, the reward will be far greater then doing something you are already comfortable with. Go live your life to its fullest, before it is gone.  ♥ ♥

This trip will be a tribute to my soulmate “Dan”.  I have to continue to live my life as full as I can and do what we did together, Adventures! Dan has been very instrumental in my life with my growth and his unconditional love and support of me. WE knew we could accomplish anything we could dream up. I am where I am today because of him and our life together.

To My True Love, Dan:    I know you will be with me on this grand adventure. I hope I do you proud. I will work hard to learn things that I need to learn and I will listen to your overarching voice as you speak to me when I need to hear you. But mostly I will feel your love and arms around me through this whole big adventure.   Love you!

Footnote: I will keep writing as long as you keep reading.  Love you all for your continued support!

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