A Tragic End to a Beautiful Story…..#58


When I started this blog on October 15, 2017. Dan and I were planning our biggest adventure yet. We loved dreaming up something and making it happen. This one was big…and we knew it. If you have been following along, you understood how big it was.

Before our first blog article, I had talked about wanting a way to keep a log of our adventures as we did them. Knowing that so much would happen between events, we would lose our memories of them. I wanted to keep a firsthand account of it, hence our blog was created. But it wasn’t just a log or a blog. It became my outlet, my passion, my responsibility, my honor, and my job. I didn’t want to skip on the sharing of our events. To ourselves and to our friends and family.

We also gained so many other followers along the way, other boaters, folks in the countries we traveled to, people that helped us, worked for us or played with us. We got attached to people through the blog we have never spoken to, never seen and never will. We also got connected to one of the past owners of our 1980 80′ Hatteras CPMY, at that time she was called Sheer Luck. Through all of these connections Dan and I stayed true to ourselves and true to our blog. Wanting to share as much honesty as we could without sharing our souls and having them ripped out by the social media mania. So, of course there were some very private stuff we picked not to share. Dan’s nature is to be a bit more private of a person. Many times, we had discussions about sharing or not sharing. How much to share or not to share. When is it too much and where is the line for us. We found that happy medium that seemed to work.

I think my writing got better, my topics got broader, and I thought about things differently when I saw them. I analyzed things, felt the emotions, and tried to convey them the best I could over the last 5+ years. I am grateful you are a reader of my words. Thank you!

“The Winds and the Waves Hold your Hand”

Dan and I had no idea how we planned to finish our adventures. We couldn’t see the end yet. We always worked hard on planning our current and future adventures. We also understood that our plans could shift. Being a sailor, you quickly learn that the force of nature controls the calendar and the schedule. The winds and the waves hold your hand, and you always obey, or suffer the consequences. We also saw more adventures without Angelique, planning to sell her someday. We wanted to fly places, drive places, rent or lease boats in other places or countries. The adventures were endless in our minds.

Dan and I made a good pair for this type of life and adventures. We both are very independent, self-driven, focused, opinionated, very vocal of those opinions to each other and at times argumentative. But what differentiated us was Dan’s wicked smart brain, memory, and knowledge of most anything. His mechanical skills and his MacGyver ways of fixing anything and everything. He kept us moving, kept us safe, and kept us focused on the right stuff. My ability kept us healthy, happy, fed and entertained. Dan was never surprised where and how I could squeeze vegetables into everything we ate. I also needed the ability to make a meal from almost nothing, or from some odd leftovers that needed eating. I was the organizer, the person that would toss out unusable items off the boat. Many times, getting myself into trouble by tossing out something that I shouldn’t have. Dan was the saver/keeper of many things. I was the cleaner and caretaker of the boat and of us. The remodeler and event planner which might have been skipped over without me.

With all of our similarities and differences we became a stronger and stronger team and fine-tuned the skills with both of us. We felt invincible. Not in a way that was scary or bad. We just both felt that we could accomplish anything we set our minds to and then go down the check list and make it happen.

We were always experts at making lemonade from our lemons. We never took a negative and let it change our mindset or our happiness. We could always find the best from the worst. That is until the worst really happened.

On September 21st, 2022, my husband Daniel Thomas Enloe passed away. My life was forever changed, along with all of our family and friends. The loss is huge for all of us. He so positively impacted everyone that he came in contact with. His joy and happiness for life was his trademark. We should all work to be as happy as he was. His willingness to help anyone and share his knowledge to benefit others. His geeky grin with his Mr. fix-it attitude was infectious. He was a “follow the rules” type of person, but also had a hidden out-of-the-box, push the limits and a bit crazy side of him. He was a true partner, a true husband and father, and a true sailor.

I will never live the life of Adventures on Angelique again. I currently have Angelique up for sale. She is showing well with all the love and care we put into her. I hope she finds the best new owners possible.

Click here to see her –>   “Angelique”

I will have to continue to search for new adventures without my partner, as Dan would not be happy with me not doing so. As I would about him if the story was reversed. I will some how share with you all what happens next, as it is now part of me.

THANK YOU – I would like to send a big thank you to all of our family and friends for the support over the last few months. Some who didn’t even know Dan or I have jumped in and helped support me through this very difficult time in my life.

Footnote: LIVE YOUR DREAM LIFE NOW… Do not wait for something to be done to start living your dream life! Find your dream and work on it now. Do happy stuff, fun stuff and let your anger go quicker. Life can sometime suck and toss you shit. But all you can do is jump up and fight!!!

BE Happy & fight for Happiness or it may be too late!


30 thoughts on “A Tragic End to a Beautiful Story…..#58”

  1. Dan was a kind, funny man at least that was my impression. It sounds like you are moving forward in the best possible way…just as Dan would have wanted. Be strong and enjoy your “different” path. All the best!

    Melody Tennefoss

    1. Angela…Wonderful job writing your blog, you brought tears to my eyes. I miss calling Dan to (check in) and exchanging emails and jokes. Captain Dan is and will always be the best at fixing a major issue / project and having that smile on his face. I remember Dan and Ken in the engine room polishing the fuel and replacing a fuel tank and the two them together were bad ass men! Friends for life…God Bless you!

  2. I loved Dan very much. Commander Enloe was such a unique man. Never give up perfecting that joke that was never funny until you butchered it and blew the punchline, then it was funny. You were always a fixer. Dan lived his best life after he met you Angels. We will all miss him but will never forget him and what he stood for.❤️❤️

    Fred Washburn

  3. Dan was such a fantastic guy. I feel very fortunate to have been able to call him my friend. My life is certainly richer because of his friendship. And yours too Angela! What you wrote was a perfect tribute.

  4. Loved reading this…thanks, too, for the Footnote – words of wisdom, for sure. Wonderful to hear your positive energy in this writing💐

  5. This is lovely, Angela. Wishing your memories always bring a smile to your face and warm your heart as you move on to happy adventures ahead.

  6. Angela,

    Beautiful tribute. I am so sorry your adventures were cut short in such a terrible way. Clearly, you and Dan made the best of the life you built together. Cherish those memories. Hugs to you.

  7. So very well said Angie….I never knew Dan personally but almost felt I did through all of your fantastic stories! Cherish your memories and should the wind ever fill your sails in the direction of Hawaii be sure to look us up.

  8. Dan sounds like he was an amazing man. Thank you for sharing this post. I wish we could have met up last summer.

  9. I always enjoyed reading your blog about your adventures on Angelique. You are a wonderful storyteller.

  10. Rand & I always have admired you & Dan’s wonderful outlook on everything & the way you took your dreams & made them yours. The beautiful smiles you share in each photo shows us all the power of your love & admiration for each other. Thank you Angela for sharing the memories with us all through your fantastic blogs. Sending love & hugs. Rand & Kathleen Robinson

  11. I am so sorry to hear of Dan’s premature passing. He was a pleasure to work with when we were serving together on the Energy Trust Board. It’s good that you were able to spend the time together on Angelique and enjoy each other.

  12. Angela, we loved following your blogs and enjoyed your adventures. Dan’s was a life tragically cut short – but you two lived life to the fullest and loved every minute of your time with each other (what an amazing example for other couples). We are so happy the two of you found each other. We enjoyed you both and are saddened by Dan’s passing. In Ilwaco I remember Robin helping, Dan & Ken work on your boat and giving Dan rides to pick up folks that were going on a little bit of the adventure with you two. I also remember Dan helping Robin on our boat. I too have been blessed with an amazing husband. Dan would want you to continue your adventures so we look forward to hearing about the new adventures you undertake. Hugs and blessings!

  13. Dan and I went to high school together, but of course lost touch after that. It’s more than amazing to me that Dan and Angela just happened to dock next to our boat a couple years ago and we reconnected. Definitely in awe of the great relationship and adventures you two shared. And sorry that he has left us. All the best Angela.

    1. Thanks Bob. We always thought of our unique meeting as “a meant to be” coincident. Thanks as always for your comments and continued connection!

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