Highlights & Memorable Moments….#5

We had a short stay in Canada, but it was amazing.  We won’t be going  back on this trip… but hope to see it again by boat. As we cruised from the Broken Islands over to Victoria we saw so many lighthouses. I just couldn’t get enough pictures to be satisfied. Here are the 3 that I grouped together to shows the differences, similarities, and beauty. B6542E40-0145-415C-B4C5-36D1B710ED5E

Pic #1 Race Rocks Light, lighthouse, const –  1859-60 Metchosin BC, Canada

Pic #2 is Fisgard Lighthouse, Const – 1860, now automated, Colwood BC, Canada

Pic #3 is Trial Islands Lighthouse, Const 1906, lens replaced 1970, Oak Bay BC, Canada

Dan and Ken Williams kept working on improving the boat with all of their projects they identified. Dan finally found that just right size tool to…… “fit the job“.


This effort was for sealing the rudder shaft… I guess they needed to be tighten, no leaks allowed….. good thing we have the right size tools on board.


Bosco the Cat was our small ambassador & entertainment for a few weeks.  He kept us laughing and enjoying our time. Bosco got bonus points because he loves crab as much as we do.

The next picture was taken sitting in our salon (living room) looking out the windows. I took it because it felt like pictures were hanging above our sofa, not windows. Do you see it?? It is amazing view. I didn’t use any filter or adjustments on this pic and taken with my Iphone.   — Barkley Sound, Broken Islands, BC.

out the window

We have had some NOT so sunny days too. One raining day, Cheryl and I worked on sorting all the screw/washers/bolts/brackets/hinges etc into containers. When you have a boat with lots of projects you have lots of hardware to accomplish those projects. Over the last few months they had gotten out of hand and needed some help.

screw sorting

Well, we now have a clear/clean & organized place for all such items. I think we worked on this most of the day.

I have to also included what it looks like after the storm. Dan took this amazing picture. BC Canada Dan pic

AND we can’t forget the RVYC (Royal Victory Yacht Club) We closed down the bar one night…. well, it was only 11pm so it wasn’t too hard. We had awesome dinner and very gracious hosts with reciprocal yacht club benefits.  Thank you RVYC! RVYC pic

We really enjoyed our stay in Canada. Thank you!

CA Flag

7 thoughts on “Highlights & Memorable Moments….#5”

  1. Loving your artful eye – with the artwork above the sofa! Totally get it!

    Looking forward to reading more adventures! Are you staying in the Western Hemisphere?

    Curious minds want to know where your compass is pointing to next! 🛥

  2. Thank you for the update… What a fun time you folks are having…. Nice to see you at the club this weekend….Keep us land lovers posted, enjoy your travels……JL

  3. What a great adventure. Besides being great friends Ken and Cheryl are very helpful too.

  4. Thank you for updates. Looks like you all are having great adventures. So happy for you! Living vicariously through you all. 😉

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