Crushed Plans Make for Unexpected Adventures… #27?

Our Shipyard work was done, what was our next adventure?

We had to change our original plans, which was to head south to Panama after our shipyard time. The shipyard work took longer than expected, so we decided to spend the summer up north in Sea of  Cortez. Our considerations for changing our plans was the time of year. Leaving Puerto Vallarta in early May would give us less than 2 months to get through the Panama Canal and push to get out of the way on the east side before the pending hurricane season started. We had also heard that the heat, humidity and bugs were unbearable in summer in Panama.

“Leave in Winter we were told”

We didn’t want to hurry through either side of Panama. So our decision was made, postpone our voyage south and go North for the summer.

We would plan for an October time frame for our southbound voyage to Panama. This would give us 7 -8 months to get to Panama and through the canal before hurricanes hit. We will even be able to enjoy a few months in the Caribbean sea/islands before needing to head north again.

“When plans don’t work out, Invite friends”

So we invited our friends Ken and Cheryl to come play in Puerto Vallarta, Paradise Village. The boys wanted/needed to accomplish a bit of testing on some of the boatyard work that was done. So they spent most of their time checking and working on stuff.  We did make the boys do some fun stuff too.


We went to a dinner show “Rhythm of the Night – SAVIA” which was deep in the heart of the steamy tropical rainforest at Las Caletas. The show was written and directed by Gilles Ste Croix, co-creator of Cirque du Soleil. We had a sunset cruise, dinner and a show.

The show was breathtaking and very much like a Cirque du Soleil show. Then dinner was fabulous, it was a buffet with lots of choices and very high quality food.

I would recommend it highly if you are in PV and want something fun to do. We also had entertainment while we were eating.

Another fun thing to do is rent a car and drive to Sayulita. We spent the day rambling around the town. We ran into some friends from Portland, Doug and Michelle, spent some time with them while their family was on spring break.  I also recommend taking the time to drive to this cute town. Lots of shops and food locations to pick from, beach is wonderful and surf-able for those that know how.


While we were in Paradise Village resort and Marina we ran into friends from when my daughter Kylie was in Volleyball. Kristin and Emily Rubalcava. I haven’t seen them in over 10 years. So it was fun to get caught up and visit.


As Ken and Cheryl head back to Portland, Dan and I start to put together our plans to backtrack to La Paz and Sea of Cortez. Dan and I didn’t expect to be traveling this direction again. We have learned to always be flexible, to consider all options, don’t be so stubborn to not accept any change in plans. We look at it as an opportunity to discover different areas.

So in early April we had our friends Kirk and Tiffany Lance and their baby daughter London join us.

We cruised from PV to Isla Isabela and anchored for 2 nights, then to Mazatlan for a couple nights in El Cid Marina, then we anchored at Balandra Bay for one night, then into La Paz, landing in a different marina for us, Costa Baja Resort and Marina. Kirk was on the bow checking to see if Dan was heading the right direction! Kirk and Tiffany were such a great help with our cruise back to La Paz. We enjoyed their help and company! 

Costa Baja is a very nice resort with pool and restaurants and shuttle into town.  The Marina is a bit more expensive but you get more amenities and security. We enjoy this marnia, even with its location a ways away from town. We always feel so blessed when our friends come join us.


Tiffany, Kirk, Dan and I meet up with friends that live in La Paz part time, Bob and Deborah. All of which belong to our network of friends from Columbia River Yacht Club. We enjoyed dinner at La Baraccia Italian Restaurant in Costa Baja Marina.

We stayed in La Paz for one month and had many dinners and events with friends, along with meeting new ones too. We had dinner at El Mezquite Grill with Sutherlands, Cottingames, Rogers & Sandyens.  img_1515


Again we thank our ever growing boating family, current and new friends for their support and knowledge. We enjoy spending time with you all and look forward to all the next adventures!


OFF to the Sea of Cortez with not much cell service or internet. Lots of books and quiet time ahead.

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