US Coast Guard & Navy interactions with Angelique….#10

I am amazed how you just never know what could happen while cruising. There is so much that could happen to you or witness something happening to others.

Based on the title… “you guessed it” we had an encounter with the US Coast Guard. These wonderful folks are on the water to help you in so many ways. They are the Maritime law enforcement keeping the waters safe (drugs/law enforcement etc). They also have a vast knowledge of the water and can advise you if needed, can bring pumps if you are taking on water, search/rescue for lost vessels, towing of vessels and of course conduct vessel safety checks.

“They saw us coming and thought what a nice looking vessel.. lets go have some fun!”

As we pulled into Neah Bay the Coast Guard was hanging and watching as we arrived.  They called us and asked to board for a safety check. (this is common practice) Which, of course we were fine with. They agreed to let us anchor first, which turned out to be for the best. The waters, waves and wind were really strong that day. They had a hard time getting close enough to board us without crashing into us. The pic shows them attempting to board on our stern. They eventually came starboard of us and boarded from one of our side doors.

They boarded with two officers, one a more junior agent called a striker, (non-rated enlisted which is striking to be and aviation mechanic) he was keeping notes, while the other more senior agent went around with Dan and asked to see all of our safety items. We passed with 100% within 20 minutes. They were very happy and explained how some boats they board are in really bad shape and they could spend up to 2 hours with them on safety. I was happy about “Dan my safety man” after all.

~Now for the Navy encounter~

A few days prior to the Coast Guard boarding us, we were heading to Roche Harbor from Bainbridge Island. As we were making our way along our path, Dan commented that he saw something up in front of us and thought it was a submarine……. of course I said “no way” Yes! it was. It was an US Navy submarine and his entourage escort service. It was one of the coolest events we have ever seen.

Please forgive the lack of good quality photos as I magnified as much as possible. 

This coast guard boat is moving around checking out any non-military vessels. As the Sub and protection vessels are cruising towards their destination.

Coast Guard came very close to us

When the Coast Guard approached us he pulled out his hailer/megaphone and talked to us. Asking us how many people on board and to make sure we remained on the same course & speed we were currently doing. Obviously, so we don’t interact with them.

I heard from a reliable source…. that once they see your boat, they have high-powered technology that can give them any data on you that they want within minutes. My source told me “they will get in your pants….” 

You can see in the pictures below that there were two big boats on either side of the sub. They have big wall like structures that block attacks if one were to occur. Dan said that this was not in place when he was on Sub’s, most recently started after 9/11.

The Sub was heading back to Naval Submarine Base Bangor on the Hood Canal. It is a trident missile submarine from commander submarine group 9, where Dan was the reserve unit commanding officer from 1999 to 2001.  We don’t know which sub it was because that is what they like, unidentifiable.  Dan of course sent a pic over to the group, which they are always thankful for, especially the crew that were on the sub at the time.

We are always grateful for these life experience. Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Stay tuned for “Oprah’s Angela’s Favorite Things” Blog.. I might include a couple of Dan’s too.

Blessings to you all from Angelique MV

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