People we meet & “The Strait of Juan de Fuca to Columbia River Bar”….#9

Whether it is “Friends or Family” from home or someone we’ve just met. Life on a boat is filled with people you meet and people you greet.

“People & Places are the best part about an adventure…..We get both!

Meeting new people is always so much fun, you get to learn about them and their boating story. Below is Bob and Deb that we met on the docks at Eagle Harbor Marina. 

They have a 65′ Hampton Endurance that they had built special for them…. impressed! They took multiple trips to Shanghai China to over see the building of their Yacht. Bob has a great blog site too.. you can check it out

Didn’t realize I was in the photo too…. haha
I made just a little bit of food!! someone needs to get control of me

While we were at Eagle Harbor we had our friends James and Jeffery from Seattle visit too. They came for the evening and we had a great time catching up. They were happy to see the boat, oh and us too!

At Roche Harbor we had our Boat Broker over for dinner. Andy Aaron helped us buy our Hatteras we have today. He has become such a good reference for us with all kinds of contacts/connections and such. You can find Andy at Emerald Pacific Yachts I’m really not a person that promotes salesman…but Andy is different, he is very honest and upfront with us and anyone else he works with and has been nothing more than professional which has continued after the purchase.

One day later, Evan Tozier joined us to help bring the boat south to Ilwaco WA. This was our stop over before heading to San Francisco.

We had a pretty good run down the coast of Washington. We started our departure early Tues 8/7 from Neah Bay. About 2 hours into our run I noticed one of the engines sounded funny. Dan took an engine walk-through and noticed that the starboard transmission was leaking oil. Analysis needed to be done to figure out what was happening.

“We have more lemons, please come help me drink all this Lemonade!!”

We spent 2 hours coasting down the ocean with one engine just in gear as Dan attempted to identify & fix the transmission leak, which I’m proud to say he did. The issue was an O-Ring on the transmission pipe was leaking. Dan dis-assembled it and put a thicker O-ring on the pipe and it seems to be holding well. We arrived in Ilwaco WA later than we had hoped, there was no light at all, the sun was down.  We made the decision to anchored just upstream from the Ilwaco harbor entrance.  The next day we got an awesome slip, thanks to another friend Dennis Sackhoff, which we know from CRYC, Columbia River Yacht Club. He let us use one of his slips because we helped him in Roche Harbor, his boat was parked at Roche Harbor Marina and I heard a beeping coming from his boat as we cruised by in our dinghy.  We called him and he asked us to investigate. Come to find out that his dingy radar was still on and giving a warning beep. So we climbed up and turned it all off for him.

“It is what boater do for each other”

Here is a snip of our trip on the ocean. This shot was a pretty calm day. As we got closer to the Columbia River Bar it got rough and dark quickly. We were very careful over the bar with all the many cargo freighters and a couple dredging boats, Dan did well, of course.

AT the Helm, juggling our approach through the Bar.

I’m glad we are safe and made it. Oh and BTW, I put my Scopolamine patch on (motion sickness) behind my ear and was fine the whole trip! I only use 1/2 of a patch! I’m so happy!

We got a couples dinner when Sarah came to visit and pick up Evan. We taught another couple “Enloe 500” game.

And thank you to the many people we call fiends, we couldn’t do this without you and we are lucky you can help us drink all our lemonade!

Next Blog teaser = Watch for the “US Coast Guard and Navy interactions with Angelique…#10”

We are blessed, Dan & Angela

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