Live, Love, Laugh & Remodel …#3


As we work hard to update and customize our Yacht for cruising in the next few months, I can’t help but be at awe with all that lay ahead of us and the gratefulness for it. Dan and I celebrate our Anniversary this week, February 27th and I often think what would have happened if we didn’t tie the knot. Where would we be and what would we be doing without this partnership we have built over the 9 years?

D - A 09-18

Dan nor I had any idea the level of risk or adventures we were both willing to take and neither of us understood each other’s drive and determination along with our power together.  We can do anything together! I knew that adventure would be part of our life, but really had no idea the level and grandeur of it.

Top Pic is 2/2009 & Bottom pic is 1/2018


Thank you Dan, for being such a wonderful, Adventurous partner. In Love with Life!

Our remodeling of our Yacht Angelique is endless, new floors, cabinets, furniture and wall paper in the salon, engine repairs go on and on & updating & changing oils, fluids etc., buying spare parts, refurbishing old anchors, discussing our trip with others that have done this before, planning for provisions, security measures, communication plans (internet, phone, satellite, radar), fun stuff (kayak’s, paddle boards, wave-runner, dinghy, Scuba and snorkeling etc…) and packing up our home so family can take care of it while we are gone. dan engine room projects.jpg

Now for the Angelique remodeling part… and our progress

The floor is a floor salon.JPGbig project we didn’t see ourselves taking on, but we did it, and you can too! It saved us tons of money and we are happy to look at the floor and know we accomplished it ourselves. Lots of learning with questions to experts and YouTube videos.

We did the layout & staggering of boards, gluing & nailing with nail gun, sanding with big floor sander, and 5 coats of Varnish. We are now ready for our new cabinets. It looks marvelous.

good bad anchor.JPG

Refurbishing of our anchors was a heavy load.

Not only were they  rusty and not looking their best, but on one, the shank was bent as you can see in the top pic. We had to remove it & haul it to a shop that would end up replacing the bent shank with new steel (can’t imagine what happened to bend it, YIKES), then to sandblast and galvanizing. Ahhh, we don’t have just one anchor, we have two, the smaller one wasn’t in such bad shape.


I was in search for as many original details as possible. I started on a project with the window valances in the Salon.


I didn’t know what was under the years and years of fabric coverings until I dug into it. Three layers of bad, old fabric and 1000’s of staples on each board, (total of 5 boards 8+ feet long). It turned out to be beautiful Teak wood, but the staples had damaged it beyond repair. So, Dan and I did another 1st time project. We put Teak Veneer on each board. Now for a bit of varnish and we will be able to hang them and be proud of another project accomplished.

While doing all the remodeling projects every day, I have started taking Scuba lessons and Motorcycle riding lessons.  See our new member of the family below, she is the lightest weight bike with a sissy bar, that we could put on the boat for land use in our travels. I’m pushing the limit in every way I can. I don’t want to let any part of life passbike -2018.jpg me by and not at least try it before I say no.

The Summer deadline for leaving is coming quick. We have lots and lots of projects to get done before we leave. I expect to have one or two more planning blog articles before we set off for our Big Cruising Adventure.

Take Care everyone.. Please follow my blog and share if you like!



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