How to be Successful in a Shipyard, Splash Down of Angelique… #26

When you chose to put your boat in a Shipyard, it is stressful and expensive! Sometimes you don’t have a choice, something goes wrong and you have to get it in for some work. A few tip on “How to be successful in a Boatyard” even if it is in a foreign country.

Things to pay attention to:

  1. List of items you want/need fixed?
    • Keep track of what you want done
    • Get good solid bids
    • Understand yard cost for haul out and the skills of contractors by seeing prior work and quotes. Look for discounts
    • Track what else they find while doing the required work
    • Will the yard allow you to work on stuff DIY? (some yards don’t)
  2. Plan for additional time and cost in yard
    • They will find other items and you will have to make a decision
    • Plan for 25 – 50% more, depending on age of your boat
    • Choices to make, Do you fix now or later?
    • Can you fix yourself?
  3. Haul-out Cost Money & Time
    • Having your boat leak or break costs more money than preventive work
    • You will have to pay again later if you wait and it fails

Ways to Help Them Help YOU:

  1. Be on-site every day
    • This helps you monitor what they are doing
    • You can review what they find, right then and there
    • Keeps them honest and actively working
    • Do you have to rent a place nearby? Do it
  2. Reduce your cost
    • Make sure you have a project manager overseeing everything, all contractors, his workers and others.
    • Can you stay on board? Most shipyards allow for this with afterhours water usage
    • Can you do work yourself, are there any restrictions?
    • Bring your buddies to help you out
    • If it can wait, and be done in the water, wait.
  3. Have a good relationship with workers and Project Manager
    • US or Mexico, you get more done with sugar than vinegar!
    • Try and understand both sides of a story
    • Mexicans are much more relationship based than US
    • Be nice and grateful for their hard work
    • Mexicans work 6 or 7 days a week
    • They only make 1000-1500 pesos a day = to $5.00 to $7.50 a day
    • They work hard and have great skills

Recap of Our Mexican Boat Haul-out Event:

  • 8 different suppliers working on our yacht
  • 60 Days on hard
  • 82 Overhaul days (22 in water)
  • 8 New pieces of “Boat jewelry”, e.g.; shiny expensive metal parts for boat
  • 3 Non -boat Adventure days while being overhauled
  • 5 days off for Dan/Angela
  • 250  1+ mile Bike rides (rode bicycles everywhere)
  • 9 Repeat restaurants
  • 51 breakfasts at shipyard “yacht club” restaurant. It was great!
  •  2 Restaurants with 5-star quality
  • 7 Ice cream store visits
  • 5 Malecon vendor buys
  • 240 dirty/grey ankles, washing needed (ours)
  • 2 pair of destroyed shoes (1 each)
  • 20 lbs of cardboard floor covering
  • 3 bottles of bug spray
  • 2 bottles of sunscreen
  • 2 tired boat owners
  • 1 shiny gorgeous boat

Review of work done @ A SHIPYARD STORY ….#24

FYI – Video of boatyard lift and splash, may take a bit to load. Also few more photos below!




Next Up…. more adventures on the water, with our pretty new boat!


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