The important things in life, Family ….#7

A couple days before we headed to Portland (via rental car) for the wedding of Emily and Taylor Downs, a childhood friend of my daughter Kylie, our dinghy gets a two inch hole in the aft starboard tube. We decided to load up the dinghy on our top deck and head to Portland and worry about it when we got back. On the way south we stopped at Ryan’s (Kylie’s Boyfriend) Fire Academy Family day. Three Months ago Ryan accepted a job at the Port of Portland fire station located at Portland airport. He had 3 month training in North Bend WA. We were lucky enough to have this on the same weekend we were heading to Portland for the wedding.

Training exercise on Family Day, Ryan in the orange

Heading South to Portland we were looking forward to seeing our family and going to the wedding.

Congratulations Emily & Taylor


The wedding was awesome and Emily and Taylor are enjoying a wonderful honeymoon in Costa Rica. We finished our Portland stay with friends/family visits and Dr. appointments, then headed back to the boat that we left at La Conner. The oddest feeling came over us, in that, we were going home…. to our boat. We had made the adjustment of feeling like Angelique was our home. It was a nice feeling.

Dan spent a bit of time fixing our dinghy while we let the glue dry we headed to  Bainbridge Island to meet Ryan and Kylie the following weekend. We had a very pleasant cruise.

We welcomed Kylie and Ryan on Friday to Bainbridge Island @ Eagle Harbor Marina with Ryan sharing his graduation stories of valedictorian honors & other awards. We were very proud and excited for him.


Our weekend was filled with fun water activities, dinners, drinks and 500 card game, of course. The kids and I had fun walking around a couple parks & eating ice cream.

That evening we watched this jelly fish by our swim step with amazement.

And as for the Dinghy progress.. well, we are still working on the repairs. Crossing our fingers that the second attempt at fixing will get us back in commission. Otherwise we will be taking her in for a major repair in Seattle…. and it may mess with our timeline, but we can’t live without it. I will give more pics and updates (what was wrong, how we fixed or not) on next blog. So stay tuned.

Cheers for now from Angelique

Thank you everyone that continues to encourage me to keep writing and your diligence with reading the posts! I REALLY appreciate it!

Also, A BIG Thank you Bob and Lisa for letting us stay at Eagle Harbor Marina, Bainbridge WA. We had a great time and you have an awesome Marina!

A Happy Place, with up’s and down’s….#6

How do you pick a Happy Place to visit? What is it that makes it Happy? Is it the sunsets or sunrises? Is it the people? Or maybe it is the activities that you do while you are there? Sometimes my happy place has been temporary because we are at some resort and having total down time…. I think a true happy place is someplace you have been before and want to go back, because it is so wonderful. That is what the San Juan Islands are for us.  So we ARE in our HAPPY PLACE!!!

It is a mix of activities/quietness/small city stuff/ice cream and island hopping.  And lets not forget about the crabbing!! We arrived with Ken and Cheryl Williams, just in time for the 4th of July in Roche Harbor. Great fireworks and very very crowed marina.

After the 4th, we headed for Friday Harbor for another couple nights and dropped off the Ken & Cheryl at the ferry dock to head home. The seaplanes are amazing, I tried to get a video of the sea planes coming and going from Friday Harbor, never seemed to work. I got a good pic of a plane that was taking off close to us. It sure takes skill getting the plane landed and maneuvered between the boats anchored, cruising/sailing and the very large ferries.


We moved to DARA bay, which we just named ourselves, because it doesn’t have a name, so we named it. DARA = Dan, Angela, Ron, Ashley… we found this bay with Captain Ron and Ashley last year and had such a great time we had to go back. So the bay now has a name……. not officially…BUT MAYBE I can figure out how to do that???

Dara bay provided us time to do lots of projects, had some raining cold days and just had some down time. I also convinced Dan to do a bike ride on Orcas from West sound dock to Deer harbor. Hills and cars were crazy, but we made it and had ice cream and headed back to the dock and boat. I was proud that Dan stuck with it…. it isn’t his cup of tea.. ha ha ha. img_2040-1

Our next adventure is our friends from San Francisco joining us for the weekend. Kurt, Wendy, Melissa and Alex. Which led us to opening day of Crab Season….We were in Blind Bay and really expected to have tons of crabs but it wasn’t the case. We crabbed all weekend long and nothing but small ones. We heard stories of folks getting lots, we had to buy ours.

Melissa, Alex and Angela hiked Mt Constitution on Orcas Island. It is one of the best views you will ever see. We did it the hard way, we hiked 24,000 Steps and 10 miles to the top straight up 2,398 feet, which is the highest point in the San Juan Islands. One of the hardest hikes I’ve done. Harder then some of the Columbia River Gorge hikes I’ve done. On top is a 53 foot sandstone observation tower with views of all the islands and Mt. Baker. We made it up and back down.

Every evening was engulfed with seafood and 500 card game. Yes, we taught more people to play our ENLOE Family card game. They are now addicted too. On Sunday we had a great trip to East Sound, walking the small town and eating lunch before everyone had to head home. Here is a video montage.


With all things in life, you have to take the good with the bad… it is no different with boat life. On Sunday I slipped and fell down a rock path and landed my knee on the only large rock in the path. It took 2 days to stop bleeding and 1 week to be able to bend it. I’m doing much better now, thanks. We also some how got a 2 inch hole in the dinghy. The dinghy has 4 tubes and the aft starboard side is the one impacted.  Repair story in next blog….. we pulled up the dinghy and headed to La Conner to park the boat for a week, so we could head to Portland for an event.

We had fun in Portland, but we couldn’t wait to get back on the boat, which now feels more like home, verses Portland. More to come on our trip back to Portland.

Stay Happy and Healthy for now.

Cheers, Dan & Angela

Highlights & Memorable Moments….#5

We had a short stay in Canada, but it was amazing.  We won’t be going  back on this trip… but hope to see it again by boat. As we cruised from the Broken Islands over to Victoria we saw so many lighthouses. I just couldn’t get enough pictures to be satisfied. Here are the 3 that I grouped together to shows the differences, similarities, and beauty. B6542E40-0145-415C-B4C5-36D1B710ED5E

Pic #1 Race Rocks Light, lighthouse, const –  1859-60 Metchosin BC, Canada

Pic #2 is Fisgard Lighthouse, Const – 1860, now automated, Colwood BC, Canada

Pic #3 is Trial Islands Lighthouse, Const 1906, lens replaced 1970, Oak Bay BC, Canada

Dan and Ken Williams kept working on improving the boat with all of their projects they identified. Dan finally found that just right size tool to…… “fit the job“.


This effort was for sealing the rudder shaft… I guess they needed to be tighten, no leaks allowed….. good thing we have the right size tools on board.


Bosco the Cat was our small ambassador & entertainment for a few weeks.  He kept us laughing and enjoying our time. Bosco got bonus points because he loves crab as much as we do.

The next picture was taken sitting in our salon (living room) looking out the windows. I took it because it felt like pictures were hanging above our sofa, not windows. Do you see it?? It is amazing view. I didn’t use any filter or adjustments on this pic and taken with my Iphone.   — Barkley Sound, Broken Islands, BC.

out the window

We have had some NOT so sunny days too. One raining day, Cheryl and I worked on sorting all the screw/washers/bolts/brackets/hinges etc into containers. When you have a boat with lots of projects you have lots of hardware to accomplish those projects. Over the last few months they had gotten out of hand and needed some help.

screw sorting

Well, we now have a clear/clean & organized place for all such items. I think we worked on this most of the day.

I have to also included what it looks like after the storm. Dan took this amazing picture. BC Canada Dan pic

AND we can’t forget the RVYC (Royal Victory Yacht Club) We closed down the bar one night…. well, it was only 11pm so it wasn’t too hard. We had awesome dinner and very gracious hosts with reciprocal yacht club benefits.  Thank you RVYC! RVYC pic

We really enjoyed our stay in Canada. Thank you!

CA Flag

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